"Our aim is to deliver potent, accurate and effective remedies that bring profound healing and relief of suffering to Gambian communities"


previously known as THE BUSH HOMEOPATHS

The Gambia Wellness Foundation (previously known as The Bush Homeopaths) is a UK registered charity that supports natural healthcare in The Gambia. One of the Healthcare Services we provide is Homeopathy, a healing modality that uses minute substances found in nature to trigger a natural healing response in the body. Unlike prescription drugs that treat symptoms and affect a change in the body, homeopathy triggers the body's own natural impulse to heal itself. 

As such, it provides healing and relief without creating a long term dependancy on treatment. This makes it a valuable and viable complimentary and alternative healthcare, especially for communities without access to doctors or expensive western medicine. For this reason, we decided to introduce homeopathic healthcare to The Gambia.

The Homeopathy Tribe

We are UK qualified homeopaths who are united in a common goal: to improve the health of poor communities and empower them through education of nutrition and homeopathic remedies so that they are able to treat common conditions, ease suffering and establish a sustainable, independent and affordable healthcare for all.  

We provide responsive relief treatments for diseases whilst working in co-operation with local communities and governments.

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The Gambia Project

January 2009, we embarked upon a journey to The Gambia in order to affect positive change in the health of their communities. It has been an extraordinary journey of great learning, of compassion, collaboration, respect and triumph. Our bold and remarkable project has been widely and gratefully received by the Gambian people and government and with astounding results. We are gratefully supported and endorsed by the Centre of Homeopathic Education, the UK's largest homeopathic college.

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